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Livestock and pets: validation of 72 pairs of photographs depicting dogs, cats, miniature rabbits, pigs, and cattle

Bartosiak, Dominika
This study had a correlational design and aimed to develop and validate a database of dual-perspective (entire face and ¾ face) face-focused photographs depicting pets (dogs, cats, miniature rabbits) and livestock animals (pigs and cattle). Participants (n = 268, 82% women, Mage = 28.2, SD = 8.5) viewed 72 pairs of photographs and evaluated each animal’s similarity across two photographs, as well as their valence, typicality, familiarity, cuteness, and dangerousness. The results confirmed that livestock animals received lower ratings in terms of similarity across the two photographs and were perceived as less positively valenced, less typical, less familiar, less cute, and more dangerous compared with pets. Furthermore, individual characteristics were found to be related to the perception of animals. Compared with non-owners, pet owners rated both livestock and pets more positively valenced and cuter. Additionally, the frequency of meat consumption was associated with perceiving livestock animals as less positively valenced, less cute, and more dangerous. The database provides realistic and valid stimuli, which have the potential to facilitate investigations into animal perception and recognition within the context of human–animal relationships.
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Standards in the IT industry – the developers’ perspective

Purpose: The aim of this article was to present the typology of information technology standards and to explore their importance for programmers. Design/methodology/approach: The research was exploratory in nature, and based on grounded theory and ethnography. The tool used to collect data were interviews. Findings: On the basis of the research it is concluded that standards were of utmost importance to the respondents, and were a thing that allowed them to work efficiently. Research limitations/implications: The conducted research was qualitative and inductive. For this reason, there is limited possibility of making generalizations about the results. Originality/value: The paper presents important findings that might increase the work efficiency of programmers. Additionally the research was conducted using a relatively uncommon approach in IT and management field (grounded theory, ethnography, qualitative methods, interviews).
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In the name of “endangered nations” and “unsovereign states”? Official discourses of radical right movement parties and social movement organizations in Poland and Germany

Myrczik, Janina
Karolak, Mateusz
The political landscape of the radical right has long been a major discussion point in the political and social sciences. By considering the variety of radical right organizations (movement parties and non-parliamentary organizations) and the particular national and transnational political and discursive opportunity structures, the paper aims at a comparative analysis of the main discursive frames present in political programs and manifestoes of radical right social movement organizations and movement parties in Poland (Konfederacja Wolność i Niepodległość and Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny) and Germany (Alternative für Deutschland and Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland). Moreover, based on approaches developed by Cas Mudde and Jens Rydgren, this article analyses how the features presumed essential to the radical right (nativism, authoritarianism and populism) are reflected and interconnected in the official discourses of the selected radical right organizations.
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The psoriasis severity, dermatology life quality index and sleep quality: The role of itch intensity and depression

Aim of the study: To better understand the origin of sleep quality impairment among psoriasis patients, we sought to examine whether the psoriasis severity, health related life quality, itch and depression are significant predictors of sleep disruption; and whether itch intensity and depression are mediators of the relationship between the health- related life quality and sleep problems. Subject or material and methods: 42 patients diagnosed with chronic plaque psoriasis, (female: 40.5%; mean age=44.48 years; SD=17.57, age range=21-82) completed Polish versions of: the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), the Centre for Epidemiological Studies - Depression scale (CES-D). The itch intensity was measured according to the 10-point visual analogue scale (VAS). The Severity of patient’s psoriasis was evaluated by using The Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PASI), health related life quality was assessed using the Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI). Results: The stronger the negative effect of psoriasis on patients’ life as measured by Dermatology Life Quality Index, the greater the sleep disturbances. Discussion: The results confirm that poor health- related quality of life may account for higher sleep ditrubances among psoriasis patients, and suggest that this negative effect reveals itself, through enhancing depression. Conclusions: It seems that a greater therapeutic focus on health related quality of life in psoriasis patients may lead to an improvement in their sleep quality.
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Naturalistic use of psychedelics does not modulate processing of self‐related stimuli (but it might modulate attentional mechanisms): An event‐related potentials study

Orłowski, Paweł
Hobot, Justyna
Ruban, Anastasia
Szczypiński, Jan
Bola, Michał
Classic psychedelics are able to profoundly alter the state of consciousness and lead to acute experiences of ego dissolution – the blurring of the distinction between representations of self and the external world. However, whether repeated use of psychedelics is associated with more prolonged and permanent modifications to the concept of self remains to be investigated. Therefore, we conducted a preregistered, cross-sectional study in which experienced psychedelics users (15 or more lifetime experiences with psychedelics; N = 56) were compared to nonusers (N = 57) in terms of neural reactivity to a Self-name (i.e., each participant's own name) stimulus, which is known to robustly activate a representation of self. Two control stimuli were additionally used: an Other-name stimulus, as a passive control condition in which no reaction was required, and a Target-name stimulus, to which participants provided a manual response and which thus constituted an active control condition. Analysis of the amplitude of the P300 ERP component evoked by the Self- or Target-names revealed no difference between the psychedelics users and nonusers. However, psychedelic users exhibited increased P300 amplitude during perception of Other-names. In addition, in comparison to nonusers, psychedelics users exhibited a smaller increase in P300 amplitude when processing the task-relevant Target-names (in relation to both Self- and Other-names). Therefore, our data suggests that regular naturalistic use of psychedelics may not be related to long-term changes in the representation of self, but it might potentially affect the allocation of attentional resources to task-relevant stimuli.
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