Rural protest 2012-2022

Wenzel, Michał
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The database contains occurrences of collective acts of rural protest. It contains a catalogue of all publicly registered rural collective protests events in 2012–2022—a universe. Definition Rural is defined as either 1. occurring within a rural area; or 2. involving rural actors (groups or organizations based in rural communities; or 3. pertaining to issues specific to the countryside, rural life, rural issues, agriculture or the natural environment. “Public” is understood to mean an action which is reported in at least one source. “Collective” is an action undertaken by at least three people. A collective public event is an act of protest if it is undertaken to articulate certain specified demands and is not a routine or legally prescribed behaviour of a social or political organization and whose form deviates from the routinely accepted way of voicing demands. Demands are “articulated” when the participants (whether organized or not) turn to institutions, organizations and enterprises, both public and private, and: express demands addressed at the public. A single protest event may include the activity of several separate groups or organizations. Unit of analysis The unit of analysis combines information derived from a series of articles from all the analysed publications dealing with one particular protest event or with a series of activities which can be defined as a single collective public protest event. Sources The methodology was used to collect information from sectoral (agricultural) and local sources. The sources of information are media which focus their reporting on rural affairs and the countryside. Their content was stored by and commissioned from a specialized company. Full list of queried outlets:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; co;;;;;;; drwal.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; pl;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; gazetalesna. pl;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; love;;;;;;;;;;;; natura2000.;;;;;; nfosigw.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; rolnictwo.;;;;;;;; sadownictwo.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; wlaczoszcze;;;;;;; zagroda;;;;;;;;;;
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wieś i rolnictwo
polityka protestu
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politics of protest
rural protest
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